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Scar Therapy

A comprehensive assessment to aid pain reduction, reduce tightness, pulling and promoting the return of sensation to your scar.

Following a Caesarean (commonly known as a C-Section), you may find that your scar feels uncomfortable. It’s very common for your scar to feel like it’s pulling and cause you discomfort. Initially, your scar may be red, raised, tight, and angry-looking. After the initial 6 week healing phase there are many specialised treatments and exercises you could do to aid the healing process.

Get in touch with us to see how we could help with recovery from your caesarean section surgery.

What will happen at your C-Section assessment?

Recovery starts with a comprehensive assessment of your c-section. From this the aim is to enable you to recover from your surgery as best you can.

During your initial assessment appointment we will

  • A comprehensive consultation
  • A posture assessment
  • Movement assessment
  • Scar Assessment
  • Tummy check (for abdominal separation)
  • Manual Scar massage techniques
  • Advice on C-Section Products
  • Scar rehab plan - including advice on return to exercise.

I may also recommend further in clinic follow-up sessions to aid your recovery based on your assessment.

What are the options following the initial assessment?

I offer a range of in clinic treatments that may be recommended to you to aid your recovery. They are:


LymphaTouch is another treatment option for C-Section recovery that combines mechanical vibration and negative pressure to effectively activate the lymphatic circulation in the treated area, reducing swelling and pain. It has been found to be a very comfortable treatment option for patients suffering from secondary lymphedema due to C-section trauma. LymphaTouch enhances manual therapy, allowing the therapist to work more efficiently and the patient to see quicker results.

LymphaTouch negative pressure treatment can be applied to several treatment areas, including

  • Pre- and postoperative swelling and scarring
  • Fascial tightness
  • Muscle maintenance
  • Active recovery
  • Pain management

The negative pressure generated by the device helps improve lymphatic circulation in the treated area.

We would recommend a 6 week course of LymphaTouch but results are usually seen after the first appointment.

Scar Therapy

C-section and peroneal scar management and recovery

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We also recommended

We may suggest specific equipment and products for you to use at home to support your recovery. All the items we recommend are accessible either at our clinic or through one of our trusted partners.

Scarban C-Section Recovery Kit

Specially developed for the aftercare of the scar after a caesarean section. The silicone sheet covers the vulnerable scar skin, which ensures that moisture loss is reduced. The scar comes to rest sooner and therefore recovers faster.

Available In Clinic

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